Cannabis on the Santa Barbara Coast

Quality, consistent cannabis. Grown responsibly on the California coast under the Carpinteria Valley sun.

Cannabis farming on the Santa Barbara coast

Our cannabis is connected to Carpinteria Valley, a uniquely rural slice of the California Coast, where farming is a way of life. In Santa Barbara County, we surf, hike, mountain bike, sail and lust for adventure. Cannabis has long been ingrained in the culture and consciousness of Coastal Santa Barbara County.

Protecting the beauty of our natural setting is part of who we are. Our Farmers harness the coastal climate and natural sunlight to produce reliable, carefully cultivated, quality cannabis.

Coastal Santa Barbara

Our cannabis is inseparable from the place our farms call home. We can see Channel Islands National Park across Santa Barbara Channel. Our foothills are home to bears, mountain lions, swimming holes and mountain bike trails. Our commitment is to making the world a better place and to stay inspired, stay involved and be part of something bigger than our individual farms and farmers.

Harvested year-round

Grown exclusively on greenhouse farms, Coastal Santa Barbara Cannabis can be produced efficiently year-round. Fresh, quality cannabis is harvested nearly every day in small greenhouse farms in Carpinteria Valley, California, by some of the most productive cannabis companies on the planet.

Sun-grown and sustainable

Greenhouse-grown cannabis on the temperate Santa Barbara Coast is award-winning for its quality and environmental sustainability. Natural sunlight powers plant growth, and the coastal influence makes it possible to grow without high energy inputs for cooling or heating all year.