Our Farms

CARP Growers members represent the best and most sustainable farmers in the industry. We strive to set best practices and to earn our reputation as leaders and environmental stewards among California cannabis producers.

Our Members

10 members all operate in Carpinteria Valley at preexisting greenhouse farms that harness natural sunlight and benefit from the coastal influence of our temperate microclimate. Greenhouse farming is the most efficient way to grow cannabis for a statewide cannabis market.

CARP Growers Membership Requirements

  • Irrigation water Re-Capture and Recycling
  • Biological Pest Control
  • Blackout screens to prevent light pollution
  • Effective & Safe Odor Abatement Technology
  • Fair Labor Practices
  • Membership Dues Fund Community Giving

Greenhouse farming on the Santa Barbara Coast

When Dutch farmers started arriving in Carpinteria Valley in the 1960s, they knew straight away that it was a prime place to farm. CARP Growers members uphold the rich ag legacy of the valley—always refining growing practices and applying cutting-edge technology to produce efficient, sustainable, high-quality cannabis.

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