In the Community

Our farmers live in Carpinteria, raise their children in Carpinteria, spend their dollars in Carpinteria and believe in enhancing the quality of life in the valley.

Carpinteria Valley cannabis farming

Carpinteria is a special place, and our primary goal is to keep it that way. Cannabis as a newly viable crop has been a lifeline for local farmers. The crop has allowed reinvestment in existing greenhouses and improvements across Carpinteria’s ag belt.

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Greenhouse farming on the Santa Barbara Coast

Greenhouse Farming has deep roots in Carpinteria Valley, once known as the “Flower Basket of California.” Farmers grew roses, chrysanthemums, gerberas and other bright blooms. A legacy of horticultural excellence carries over to consistent, quality cannabis production on the Santa Barbara Coast.

Growing a sustainable community

Greenhouse farmers of Carpinteria Valley have historically grown more than flowers. Much like growing plants, sustainable communities require care and nourishment. We partner with nonprofits serving youth, promoting the arts and advancing social justice initiatives and environmental programming.

Alcazar TheatreFood Bank Santa Barbara CountyCarpinteria Children's Project | Proyecto de Niños de CarpinteríaGirls Inc. of CarpinteriaFreedom Warming Centers Santa Barbara County93013 Fund

CARP Growers continues this legacy of Community Giving by investing over $100,000 annually in local causes.

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