Lucas Hathaway’s family came to Carpinteria long before legal cannabis. Both sides, the Romeros and Hathaways, have been in Carpinteria Valley for over 100 years. At age 29, Lucas’ job title is Lead Cultivator at Cresco California. He’s counted as one of the more than 900 employees who call a Carpinteria Valley cannabis farm their job site. We took him away from his busy schedule of nurturing plants to learn a little about who he is and what he does.

Other than a cannabis farm, what’s your favorite Carpinteria place?  Jelly Bowl beach

What’s one thing about cannabis farming you recently learned?
METRC, the track and trace program for the state. It’s tricky to bar code every plant and upload all the info to the software. It’s heavy lifting but we’re up to the task.

Tell us something about you that’s unrelated to cannabis: I’m 5th generation Carpinterian.  Both sides of my family Romero and Hathaway have been in the area for 100+ years.  

How did you steer your career path to cannabis farming? From any early age, my grandparents instilled a love for farming and ranching.  The dynamic industry has kept me hooked for ten years now.  

What makes Carpinteria a good place to grow cannabis?  In my mind there is not a better place to grow anything than Carpinteria. The moderate climate, the south facing coast, the infrastructure and a beautiful community to live in.  It’s got it all!