Year 1 was a year of progress. A group of responsible cannabis farmers founded a nonprofit in the Spring of 2018, CARP Growers. The nonprofit mission was simple: demonstrate best-practices out of respect for all of our neighbors and to the community we share.

In short, what that meant was cannabis farmers had something to prove. We wished to earn a spot in a community, and to do it through transparency, environmental stewardship and community giving. The founding mission remains the core principle driving the association every day.

What does CARP Growers do?

It’s a nonprofit formed by cannabis farmers who value a place. To that end, farmers gather ideas and combine resources to demonstrate how responsible farmers can be responsive and positive players in a community and stewards of the environment we share.

All member farms must have odor control to neutralize cannabis scents and blackout curtains to capture fugitive light. Member farms understand this is a new industry that is under a microscope. Putting our best foot forward at local events like California Avocado Festival and answering the call to join local causes is essential.

We realize that in addition to participating in a healthy ag economy, businesses must buy in to their communities. We do that by identifying ways to continue to support initiatives and nonprofits that Carpinterians care about. CARP Growers efforts are a continuation of the important role that greenhouse farming has occupied in Carpinteria Valley for generations.

Come inside, under the canopy. CARP Growers have invited dozens of community members on farm tours. (Join our mailing list for future tour opportunities.)
Building community. Neighbors have been most welcoming to the cause of CARP Growers and the benefits of cannabis farming in our local greenhouses.
Education. College students explored the cutting edge techniques of greenhouse farming. Cannabis grown in Carpinteria adheres to the strictest regulations of any crop in the world and students entering the ag sector can learn a lot from our responsible famers.
Legal cannabis. Member farms have been ahead of county and state laws. Bringing a $5 billion industry into legality requires all hands to be on deck. Cooperation and compliance are keys to success and respecting the rules.
Partnerships. CARP Growers members are leaders in service groups and philanthropic initiatives in the community. We partner with Rotary Clubs, the California Avocado Festival and The Food Liaison Christmas in July Fundraiser, among other endeavors.
Positive impacts. Carpinteria has a lot of greenhouses, many of which grow cannabis. Responsible farmers only leave positive impacts on their neighbors and communities. Carpinteria isn’t a cannabis town. It’s an ag town, built on rural character and neighborly cooperation.
Live your values. California Avocado Festival is THE EVENT of the Carpinteria calendar. CARP Growers members were honored to be part of it, its celebration of Carpinteria’s favorite crop and the benefit to all local nonprofits.
A Maturing Industry. Compliance with all county and state rules has positioned local cannabis farms for a future of success. Currently, there are 21 member farms. All members are a little different and operate independently. All share a commitment to demonstrating that cannabis can occupy a positive place in a close-knit community.